Kan Kan Me Muskata Hai Mera Pyara
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Pragy Song Kan Kan Me Muskata Hai Mera Pyara of Album Bhakti - Mata Ji Song

Gayatri has three phases and so it is called tripada. It is also called tripada because it is Vedmata, Devmata and Vishwamata. Vedas have originated from Gayatri mantra and so it is known as Vedmata. It is Devmata because it helps in manifestation of divine virtues (gun), actions (karma) and nature (swabhav)


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2019-01-25 10:13:07
Jai guru Dev
Nil Mani Sinha
2018-08-23 12:55:42
I heard that Mahabharata, Ramayon, Gita and Bhagobot religious great books are available @ Rs.25,000/- each in India. Please let me know the exact library from where I can collect those religious books. Thank you in advance.
Nil Mani Sinha
2018-08-23 12:48:07
I need Hindu Religious songs in Bengali
chandan kumar sharma
2012-04-30 15:51:05
best song...
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