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The foundation of Yug Nirman Movement (Construction of Era) is the Solemn Pledge - Satsankalp. It is the basis of all Ideologies, Planning and activities of Gayatri Pariwar. These declarations incorporate the formula for changing and reforming individual, their families and the society at large. Every member of Gayatri Pariwar are suppose to read, understand and digest these concepts daily. They motivate us to concentrate on self-reformation - A change in every individual is bound to lead the formation of better society.

  • Firmly believing in the Omnipresence of God and His Unfailing justice, we pledge to abide the essential disciplines of Divine principles (Dharma).

  • Considering the body as the Temple of God, we will be ever watchful to keep it healthy and full of vitality by adopting the principles of self-restraint, order and harmony in our daily-lives.

  • Read Complete Solemn Pledge (Yug Nirman Satsankalpa)
    Satsankalp with explanation in a song form.


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