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Union with the Divine radiance and Supreme Consciousness (Savitha) is the desire of a spiritual aspirant. When that union of God and devotee occurs, there is supreme bliss of Oneness and our physical body, subtle body and the causal body are permeated with rays of Divine intelligence.

Gurudev ShriRam Sharma Acharya prescribes an effective tool in the form of a meditation on the 3 bodies to achieve this union with Savitha.


Early in the morning, with a peaceful disposition of the mind, sit in a meditative posture with the spine straight, close your eyes and visualize the rising Sun.


The destination of the seeker is make contact with the center of Supreme consiousness which is also called Savitha. With that focus, the seeker surrenders his ego to merge with the Universe just like the fuel offering itself to the fire.

-> Chant the Gayatri Mantra in tune with Gurudev's voice.

-> Visualize the Divine energies of emanating from the spiritual center of Himalayas and penetrating each of your 3 bodies starting with the physical, onto subtle and proceeding to the causal.

Physical body

Imagine the penetration of the illumined Divine rays into the navel center which is the center for physical body. The golden radiance upon contact with the navel center makes it blossom.

With this the seeker

- Filled with vitality of life force (pranavan)

- Physical ailments including deadly diseases like Cancer, B.P. and Diabetes are cured.

- Becomes lustrous (ohjasvi). Each and every cell becomes blissful.

Subtle body

Heart center is the center for subtle body. Imagine that the Divine rays are entering the Heart chakra making it flower. The thoughts are cleansed and there is a transmission of intuition to each cell.

Savitha's rays filled with Divine energies bestows the subtle body with

- Pragya (Power to effectively use our abilities and put into action the Divine knowledge.)

- Divine glow (tejasvi).

Causal body

Cerebral plexus (sahasrar) at the top of the skull is the center for the causal body. Imagine with that touch of Savitha's rays the chakra blossoms multifold resulting in Supreme bliss. This process tries to complete the unification of the devotee with God.

The seeker develops

- Tremendous upliftment of faith (shraddha)

- The highest form of God consciousness (Brahmatej).

3.Prayers and Conclusion

Pray to Savitha and surrender to the all knowing Oneness. The seeker now merges with God, becomes endowed with all forms of Divine powers (vibhuthivan), becomes a complete personality (Vriddhivan), posesses infinite devotion (bhakthivan) and always carries within him a sense of Peace (Shanthivan).

Pray to Savitha to

Lead us to truth from untruth

Lead us to light from darkness

Lead us to immortality from death

Quicken your pace towards Divine truth, light and immortality.

Peace to the Physical body

Peace to the Subtle body

Peace to the causal body

Peace to the Physical body Peace to the Subtle body Peace to the causal body


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Teen Sharir ka djyan
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if you want to do something special in your life, you always meditate according to this
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