Jyoti Avadharan Sadhana
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With a peaceful disposition of mind, sit erect in front a flame and imagine you are in a sacred space surrounded by Divine energies. Just like anything that comes in contact with the rays emanating from the flame becomes illumined instantaneously, imagine that we also attain Divine consciousness with the contact of Supreme consciousness.

Watch the flame for a couple of moments, close your eyes and visualize that flame at the center between your eyebrows. Continue with this process all the while listening to melodious music and focussing on the internal flame.


Observe your emotions and in a feeling of complete surrender of every single miniscule cell of your body to the Divine, chant the Gayatri Mantra in tune with Mataji's voice. Feel that bliss that is trying to make its way into every nook and corner of the body and fills you in an ecstatic state.


After the meditation, observe silence for a while reflecting on the experience, soak in it and staying still. Conclude by offering a prayer to the Supreme consciousness and slowly opening your eyes.

Regular practice of this meditation confers several benefits. It aids in the effective functioning of the endocrine system within the human body. At the spiritual level this meditation allows us to explore our inner Self and tries to make contact with the Divine within


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