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The entire cosmos is in fact sound manifest and is vibrating to a celestial sound. The physical universe is the grossest form and with higher levels of consciousness this manifestation of sound becomes subtler.


The body should be fresh and relaxed in a clean environment. Undertaking a few stretching exercises loosens up the body and helps in prolonging and help maintain the focus in meditation. Sit in the meditative posture with the spine erect. A few pranayama breath exercises might help to regulate and smoothen the flow of breath.


-> Maintain awareness of each inhalation and exhalation of the breath.

-> Listen to the melodious Divine music. (One can also imagine that the music is emanating from Lord Krishn's flute and Lord Shiva's drum)

-> Let the music you hear vibrate in your. Feel that sensitive intuition is spread through the waves in you. Let the body, mind and intellect rejoice every bit.


After the meditation, continue the silence and serenity for a while and allow the effect of meditation to permeate in you.


Music has in it the ability to heal and nurture emotions in living beings. Emotional starvation leads to loss of vitality. It is only through emotions the Divine can be sought. This meditation confers

-> Inner peace, joy and tranquility

-> Any emotional and mental disorders are removed.

-> Recharging vitality and life force.

The severity and steadfastness of spiritual disciplines should be complemented with the development of art of development of finer emotions. Only then a dialog is possible between God and the devotee else there is only one way communication and life will seem to be dry and dull.
The daily routine at Shantikunj begins at 3:30 a.m. with collective prayer followed by special “Gayatri Mantra chanting and Sun Meditation”. This album has audio of routine starting from Prayer till night prayer which encourage to go to bad and do "Tatva bodh" - introspection of activities perform through out the day. View Detail Schedule


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