Sur Durlabh Manushya Kaya Ka Sarthak Upyog
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The means available to us for approaching Atman (Self) are the four faculties of the mind, namely - Mun - rhyming with 'pun': interacting with the sensory organs; Buddhi: the realm of thoughts, contemplation and intellect; Chitta: the storehouse of inherent traits and habits formed as a consequence of repeated actions in the present and previous births; and Ahamkar: Ego - the predominant impression of one's own personality like 'I am rich', 'I am poor', 'I am strong', etc.

These four faculties of the mind can be trained as tools for experiencing the reality of the Soul (Atma Darshan). The Soul is subtly pervasive all over the body. It has not been assigned any fixed location by nature, where one could access it through some means or methodology. As only the faculties of mind are capable of revealing the stages of growth of the Soul in evolution, its modes of manifestation in forms, exploration of secrets of the inner world of the mind is an essential part of spiritual search.
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