Aagyaa Chakra Jagayen Divya
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Right in the mid brain, behind the eyebrow centre is Aagya Chakra. On activation of Aagya Chakra mind becomes steady and strong, wisdom, intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience and full control over praan are gained. Practitioner can even send and receive thought transmission through Aagya Chakra.


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Suraj sinfh
2019-09-07 17:56:21
Kaise jagana chakra
2018-07-31 21:54:57
जय गुरुदेव
Girish Kumr Shukla
2014-07-28 21:10:37
like very much
Girish Kumr Shukla
2014-07-28 21:08:43
like very much
tushar shinde
2014-07-18 23:36:44
Thanks for this audio

2013-10-13 00:14:07
2012-05-24 12:47:22
Thanking to Gayatri pariwar giving so valuable materials.
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