Deepyagya Karmakand
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Pragy Song Deepyagya Karmakand of Album All Sanskar Karmakand

Album gave details about Samskaras.Samskāra are a series of sacraments, sacrifices and rituals that serve as rites of passage and mark the various stages of the human life and to signify entry to a particular Ashrama.


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Rakesh kumar
2019-04-29 12:52:37
I am rakesh kumar patna gatri parewar
Prakash Chand
2019-03-11 05:43:27
2018-12-15 07:46:17
To learn
Harishchandrab mishra
2018-11-17 19:24:29
Jai guru Dev
2014-10-06 20:41:52
deep yagya
2014-08-23 19:25:53
Arun Kumar Sharma
2014-02-05 22:57:54
Great !!!!!
Ashutosh dubey
2014-01-20 20:17:50

2013-11-10 17:34:30
Dr. Shovind kumar gupta
2013-02-18 16:54:56
chata sankalp le aur pura kare.chota hi bada hota hai.JAI MATA GAYATRI.

2013-02-13 18:01:20
devkaran kumawat
2012-12-19 14:14:10
dewas m.p
2012-12-08 17:30:32
2012-12-02 18:12:42
This song is very spiritually in our life.
devendra kumar sharma
2012-11-24 22:13:46
sunkar man utsahit ho raha h.bahut dino se talash thi..i like this so much.
rajendra prasad meena
2012-11-18 09:14:53
Guruji k vichar aaj k yug ki rambaan auoshadhi han.
2012-09-19 14:37:13
This pravachan and guruvar tell a helth in the secreet enrgey to
2012-09-19 14:31:02
This pravachan and guruvar tell a helth in the secreet enrgey to
sarswat sharma
2012-07-15 16:25:00
new persons who joined with yr organisation after gurudev are not satisfied in the terms of spritualities.why?
2012-07-07 20:22:13
Literature of Guruji is the Best ever in the world. Any page just read and if if you apply in life, definately it will change your life. This is my own experience.
Naseem Ahmad
2012-04-14 18:59:03
Good Evening Sir, Sir, i have been encountering negative thoughts & fear for last ten years. now the condition has become quite serious, as whole day fear & negative thoughts accompeined me. Kindly suggest me an effective treatment for this long term disease
Dr.Harshad n. modi
2012-03-07 11:03:40
Chhotasa Sankalp matsyavtar ki tarha apna swaroop badha sakta hai.chote chhote sankalp ke nibh ne par apna manobal badhta hai,Atma bal badhta hai.
2012-03-07 10:57:05
Chhotasa Sankalp matsyavtar ka swaroop le sakta hai.
2012-02-17 10:17:02
It is very Nice and inspiring to the people who realy suffer with various problem in their life Thanks for all the team members I always like to hear the mantra and music of website It inspire me for the day work
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