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Fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's character or personality
The concept of self-realization states that it is the ultimate goal of a human being to attain permanent happiness and complete independence and freedom from all worldly bondage, and that true happiness is then the result of self-realization. The concept defines true happiness as the manifested Self. It only seems like a result because it is not felt or known permanently before the ego is removed. As explained by Ramana Maharshi,"Happiness is inherent in man and is not due to external causes.


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2014-04-01 17:52:49
Manoj Sharma
2013-10-30 02:14:28
तुम्हारे पद्म चरणो में नमन सौ बार है गुरुवर, कृपा की एक किरण दे दो दुखी संसार है गुरुवर..
k k kashyap
2013-10-07 16:18:52
aap k geet me gurudev matajee ka aashirvaad ka anubhav hota hai
Vikash Singh
2013-02-01 13:56:06
Hey ma hamara b jeevan guru karya me hi samarpit ho..
2012-10-02 11:47:05
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